McGilvra FunDrive (Green Sheets)

Gift bags, Class Prizes, Pics with THE Wildcat Mascot, and (drumroll please) Reptile Man!

We have a big need to fill and our McGilvra FunDrive (formerly known as the “Green Sheets” campaign) offers families one more way to give with minimal effort that also gets


Reptile Man!

their student something fun in return. It is our critical push each year to boost our Annual Fund, our biggest fundraiser which runs throughout the year allowing families to contribute to our PTA-funded staff and programs.

The first three classes to get to 100% participation get a class party! 100% school participation earns us a Reptile Man assembly!

  • To achieve 100% school participation and for individual student gift, please turn in the form provided in your kids’ folder regardless of your method of payment and amount! Every dollar counts.
  • FunDrive finalizes on Friday, November 18th.

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