What is going on with state education funding? Here is our latest advocacy update:

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Dear McGilvra Community,
Seattle voters recently approved the renewal of two important levies for education funding, but in order to collect the funds voters approved and maintain funding for Seattle Public Schools at the same level as it is now, the state legislature needs to approve lifting the levy lid that restricts the funds that local districts can raise through levies. The Senate Ways and Means committee is currently considering a bill, SB 5313 that will allow us flexibility to use the levy funds that Seattle has approved. If this bill does not pass, Seattle Public Schools will face a huge budget shortfall next year.
The Senate Ways and Means committee was supposed to consider this bill on March 1, but did not take any action to pass it out of committee. They held a hearing yesterday, March 21, but again the bill sits in committee.  Please call the Senators on the Ways and Means Committee today and let them know that you want this bill passed on to the full Senate. We have a chance to get some of the voter-approved funds back but it won’t happen if we don’t demand action.
Here is a list of the senators on the Ways and Means Committee and their phone numbers.
And here is sample script:

Hi, my name is ____, and I am calling to urge you to pass SB5313 out of the Ways and Means committee and bring it to a vote in the senate, and to vote yes to lift the levy lid. I am a parent of a child in Seattle Public Schools, and if this bill does not pass, our school will face a massive budget shortfall. This bill is needed just to maintain our already underfunded schools at the same level of funding they have now.

We also recommend emailing the Democratic Senators on the Ways and Means Committee:
Jamie Pedersen is the Senator for the 43rd legislative district, where McGilvra is located, but many McGilvra parents live in the 37th LD.  I encourage those in that district to also call and email Senator Rebecca Saldana:, (360) 786-7688.
Not sure of your district?  Click

If you have any questions on these, please email